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June 30, 2017 Your heart skips a beat. The shock grips you physically. You gasp. “This isn’t possible! There’s a new post!” Did I get that right? Was that your reaction? Even if it wasn’t, the fact that you’ve read to this point means that I at least got your attention, which is something that … Continue reading »

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tubuai to moorea ~ only 3 days

May 30 – June 1, 2014 After a 19-day passage against the wind, one would think that a 3-day passage with a perfect wind on the beam would be a breeze. Where the boat was concerned, it was a perfect passage. As for Justine and I, we didn’t feel so great. And, in the fishing … Continue reading »

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new zealand to french polynesia ~ against the wind

added note: While this is another one of my lengthy posts, it is more for our own record and memory of the passage. But hopefully, many of you will enjoy it regardless. For those of you who prefer a shortened version, most days are titled with some highlights. May 2 – 20, 2014 Day 1: … Continue reading »

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passage ponderings ~ an email

May 2014 The following is an email I sent after 19 days at sea and a safe arrival to the Australs. Subject: Passage Ponderings Date: 22 May 2014 02:33:14 -0000 From: KF4IVI Via: HAM.HF.K4XV Date: 2014/05/22 02:33:16 Hi all, Now that we are safely at anchor, I’ll spill my guts about it all. Sorry if … Continue reading »

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from a child’s eye: passage to new zealand

Tonga to New Zealand by Justine, written at age 14 We were leaving. I stood in the shade of the Pacific blue bimini that covers our large cockpit, my right hand gripping the rough wood of one of the two twin tables for balance as the floor beneath my feet started to move. I was … Continue reading »

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new zealand ~ let me shake your hand

November 18, 2013 Even though we were completely and utterly exhausted from our challenging 10 days at sea, our friends on Pacific Flyer convinced us to go for free rum punch and nibbles at the All Points Rally tent that evening. Usually, once we’ve made landfall after a long passage, we try to power through … Continue reading »

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passage to new zealand ~ all well onboard

November 9 – 18, 2013 day one: After a few last minute preparations, we jumped into the water for one last family snorkel. This would be our last day anchored in the tropics, and we wanted to cherish the warmth and beauty that surrounded us. Temperature at Kelefesia Island: 84-86 degrees F Around noon, we … Continue reading »

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passage to new zealand ~ the plan

November 9 – 18, 2013 For months prior to the passage to New Zealand, numerous cruisers fret over what could possibly be their toughest passage to date. With New Zealand lying between the Tasman Sea and the Southern Pacific Ocean, there are many strong low pressure systems that move across the region. One must also … Continue reading »

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tonga ~ ha’apai & otu tolu groups

November 1 – 9, 2013 Good-bye Vava’u: Clearing out of Tonga can be done in a few ways. Many people make their way to Tonga’s southern Tongatapu Group where they provision for the passage and then clear from Tonga to New Zealand. While still in Vava’u, we chose to fully provision in Neiafu, and then … Continue reading »

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