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huahine to tahiti ~ bad news received

August 28 – September 5, 2014                                 The morning had started out as a beautiful morning. We finally had a good wind for our departure from Huahine. Our s/v Liward friends were also taking advantage of the wind for their … Continue reading »

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suwarrow ~ a true treasure

September 2 – 16, 2013 Suwarrow, also known as Suvarov, is a nature reserve and small coral atoll belonging to the Cook Islands. It is located about 440 miles east-northeast of American Samoa, and there is not another island within 200 miles from Suwarrow. Every year, from April through October, the population of Suwarrow consists … Continue reading »

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toau to tahiti

July 15 – 17, 2013 A weather window for our passage from the Tuamotus to theSociety Islands was a difficult one to pick. The winds were either going to be too strong or not enough, and there would be squalls. If we missed our opportunity to depart from Toau, then we would easily have to … Continue reading »

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our best fishing day

May 20, 2013 Departing Fatu Hiva and sailing to Tahuata was not dull by any means. As we sailed away from Fatu Hiva, we immediately caught two Big Eye Tuna. We had seen where the small fishing boats were sitting just offshore, and sailing past them paid off. Then, rather than sail directly to Tahuata, … Continue reading »

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the bahamas to jamaica

January 14 – 17, 2013 Exiting from the Georgetown area can be a difficult task. The prevailing winds blow from some form of an easterly direction, and cruisers find themselves stuck down in the nook between the southeast end of Great Exuma Island and the northwest end of Long Island. The majority of sailors are … Continue reading »

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family time

[Note: There are many more photos to come, but they will have to wait until our next internet connection] December 25 – 30, 2012 Christmas Day                   After awakening to presents under the tree, and a special Christmas breakfast of homemade cinnamon buns (made by What If), … Continue reading »

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broken hook & swimming pigs

December 17, 2012 We sailed offshore from O’Brien’s Cay to Big Majors Spot in hopes of catching some fish, but we had no such luck. Although, something quite large ended up on the line, only to break the hook in half before getting away. We would have loved to have seen what it was! By … Continue reading »

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lions and kings and barracuda . . . oh my!

December 3 – 4, 2012 So we could do some fishing along the way, our trip to Nassau was taken in steps. After school was completed for the day, we picked up anchor and bid farewell to Spanish Wells. We sailed about 7 miles south to a remote spot along the northwestern coast of Eleuthera … Continue reading »

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life’s a breeze!

November 24 – 27, 2012 Over the next few days, the wind and waves continued to diminish. The days were sunny and beautiful as we continued to sail south. By our third day at sea, we comfortably fell into our offshore routine. The first two days had been so exhausting with minimal sleep, so after … Continue reading »

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at home again in beaufort

October 16, 2012 As much as we would have liked to stayed anchored in Cape Lookout, we had family and friends waiting for us in Beaufort. It was time to pick up the hook and make the 2-hour journey to a place we like to call home. We raised the mainsail, hoisted the anchor, and … Continue reading »

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