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Author Archives: Justine

tribute to nikolai

October 23, 2017 I like to write fiction for fun in my free time. In one recent story that I’ve been working on, however, I’ve had my doubts about how realistic the main character is. This is because the primary motivation of the character is the words and actions of a person she only knew … Continue reading »

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updated pages

August 21, 2017 The title of this post is a lie. Well, partially. I did add more content to Justine’s Page, Justine’s Creativity Corner, Boat Life by Justine, and For Students, but these new entries are many of my English (and some American History) essays for ninth and tenth grade. While none of them talk … Continue reading »

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a new page

June 30, 2017 Your heart skips a beat. The shock grips you physically. You gasp. “This isn’t possible! There’s a new post!” Did I get that right? Was that your reaction? Even if it wasn’t, the fact that you’ve read to this point means that I at least got your attention, which is something that … Continue reading »

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tip of the month ~ water conservation

October 10-19, 2012 Life on a Boat: Tips on Conserving Water ~ by Justine “When you do the dishes don’t forget to use the saltwater pump!” Ever heard your mother say that? Unless you live on a sailboat you probably haven’t. Because of the limited amount of water on my family’s boat, using saltwater to … Continue reading »

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