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Tagged With: Tuamotus

toau ~ cultural experiences

July 9 – 15, 2013 Anse Amyot’s false pass in Toau is a place that became dear to our hearts. In addition to some great snorkeling, the people of this quaint little place are very special. Valentine and Gaston, along with their families, have lived on the northwest corner of Toau for many years. There … Continue reading »

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toau ~ snorkeling video

July 9 – 15, 2013 There was no rest for the wreary. We’d barely arrived in Toau, and tied up to the mooring, when the kids and I went off for a snorkel outside the pass with Sueño, Flour Girl, and MacPelican. Wil had just come off his watch, so he took the morning for … Continue reading »

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decisions in the tuamotus

July 8 – 9, 2013 Deciding when to leave Kauehi, and which atoll would be our next, was a difficult task. Fakarava was our most desired choice. Snorkeling Fakarava’s south pass was supposed to be spectacular with many sharks swimming along with you. However, we received word that there was a Dengue Fever epidemic in … Continue reading »

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kauehi ~ picked up after Jesus

July 7 – 8, 2013 It was a Sunday, and the mayor was going to pick us up after Jesus. Just how many people get to say that in their lifetime! It’s true! After church, the mayor himself was coming to pick us up from the southeast anchorage, and take us to the village for … Continue reading »

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kauehi ~ lessons learned

July 6, 2013 The winds were only going to be down for one day before picking up for another round of strong wind (southeasterly this time) and rain. We decided that we needed to make the most of our last day of sun. With a bit of spontaneity, we arranged a day trip to snorkel … Continue reading »

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kauehi ~ wild things

July 3 – 5, 2013 The weather during the first part of our stay in Kauehi had been absolutely picture perfect with sunny days, little wind, and a calm anchorage. Being anchored at the southeast end of the atoll offered great protection during the normal east to southeast trade winds. However, there was a low … Continue reading »

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kauehi ~ pleasant surprises

June 28, 2013 The village of Tearavero is situated in the northeast corner of the Kauehi atoll, about 8 miles from our southeast anchorage. We had heard that black pearls were available in town, so we made a plan to find pearls and put it into motion. There is a single track road that runs … Continue reading »

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kauehi kids’ kamp

June 26 – 27, 2013 There was no shortage of activity for our first day in Kauehi. It was a day for birthdays. Guillaume (s/v Sueño) was turning eleven, and Finn (s/v Dolphin of Leith) was turning four. The double birthday party was held on the deserted motu just in front of our boats. There … Continue reading »

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kauehi ~ beautifully wild & rugged

June 25, 2013 Of 76 coral atolls, Kauehi is one of 46 inhabited atolls within the 1000-mile long Tuamotus Archipelago chain. Like many of the coral atolls, the Kauehi atoll is a chain of coral islets (motus) with only one navigable pass into the center lagoon. In Kauehi, each motu ranges from about half of … Continue reading »

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marquesas to tuamotus

June 21 – 25, 2013 Before every offshore passage, we go up the mast to check all halyards, rigging, and attachment points, as well as look for anything that might be wrong. A few days before our departure from Ua Pou, I hauled Wil to the top. We’d been hearing a strange clanking sound develop … Continue reading »

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