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broken hook & swimming pigs

Posted by on January 25, 2013

December 17, 2012

We sailed offshore from O’Brien’s Cay to Big Majors Spot in hopes of catching some fish, but we had no such luck. Although, something quite large ended up on the line, only to break the hook in half before getting away. We would have loved to have seen what it was! By the end of the day, we only caught one barracuda which we released.

Upon entering the cut between Little Majors Spot and Staniel Cay, the outflowing current was strong against the east wind, and the bright afternoon sun was directly in front of us. This made for some tense moments as we navigated our way in from the offshore waters, the boat sliding sideways in the current. There was plenty of water depth, as long as we stayed to the middle of the narrow cut, but there were large coral rocks along the sides. I was at the helm with Wil on the bow keeping a watchful eye for any rocks that may not be on the charts. Once we were in calmer waters, it took some time for nerves and adrenaline to settle. I, especially, didn’t want to speak to anyone until I was breathing normally again.

Based on forecasted wind conditions, we chose to anchor on north side of the tip of Big Majors Spot, an area surrounded by several other small cays. By the end of the afternoon, What If and Good Trade had joined us in our own private little anchorage. The kids were so excited to see their buddy, Derek, again, and they were looking forward to meeting Kyler on Good Trade. Island Cat, who we kept seeing along the way since Spanish Wells, was anchored in the neighboring anchorage. Now that we were going to be settled in one spot for awhile, we enjoyed getting to know them, as well.

Just after anchoring, we dinghied over to what’s known as Pig Beach on Big Majors Spot. Several very large pigs live on the island and are eager to receive a handout from anyone willing to visit them. It’s quite intimidating when a couple of 300-pound pigs swim up to the dinghy in search of food. We are amazed at the pigs’ swimming ability! We kept our inflatable dinghy at a safe distance, so as not to end up like one deflated dinghy one on the beach.

eager for a handout from the dinghy!

waiting for a handout

this gar fish feeds on scraps along with the pigs

notice the deflated dinghy on the beach!









Now it was time to stay put, focus on school exams, and get ready for Christmas.

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