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new zealand ~ thru-hull sprung!

December 6 – 10, 2013 For the very first time, after a year and a half of cruising, we left the boat alone at anchor and departed town for the entire day. Of course, this would be when a case of Murphy’s Law would have to occur, and a major problem would demand immediate attention … Continue reading »

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chore update

              While we have taken time out almost everyday to explore Plymouth, we have also been tending to our daily boat chores. So, I apologize if this post is about all of boring work stuff, and not about all of the fun exploring. With intent of reducing the amount … Continue reading »

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current issues

As we were sailing up to Cape Cod, there were a few issues that had developed. The port engine is losing about a quart of oil about every 15 hours of run time. The starboard rudder post and drive shaft began making a knocking sound. The wind indicator is hooked on something at the top … Continue reading »

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