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kauehi ~ fun times cruiser style

Posted by on October 7, 2013

July 1 – 7, 2013

Since there were three Canadian boats in the anchorage (s/v Somerset 33, s/v Interlude IX, and s/v Sueño), I started the morning by wishing them a very happy Canada Day over the VHF. We quickly decided to do a spontaneous potluck lunch on the beach with everyone in the anchorage. Even though Sueño is from Quebec, they still happily participated in the celebration. Somerset and Interlude both came completely decked out in Canadian attire. Cheryl and Karen (s/v Interlude) were extremely patriotic with a Canadian umbrella hat, pins and socks. Even a flag was hung from a tree. It was all great fun.

After the Canada Day potluck, a truck was supposed to show up to take us all to town for a pearl viewing with the mayor. Unfortunately, the truck broke down and we would have to reschedule. We were beginning to think we would never get to see pearls.

We were very fortunate to have s/v Liward in the anchorage with us. Steve loves a good jam session with his guitar, and he never hesitates to get all musicians together for a good time. Steve and Lili were very gracious to host a jam session on their boat, and invited the entire anchorage to listen. I didn’t know that so many people could fit onboard one 48-foot monohull! With amplifiers set up on the stern, Steve, Colin, and Chris (s/v Yindee Plus) played their guitars and sang. Colin thoroughly enjoyed being “on stage”, and we were so proud of him. It was an awesome performance, and everyone had great fun.

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