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taiohae, nuku hiva ~ old friends reunited

Posted by on August 20, 2013

June 1, 2013

Amidst the retrieval of our propane tank, as we arrived in Nuku Hiva, we were also seeing old friends for the first time in a year.

We had met s/y Yindee Plus last summer in Maine, and had kept in touch with them ever since. When we left Maine, we were supposed to see Yindee Plus within a couple of weeks. However, while they were still in Seal Bay, Sue fell through a hatch into their service bay, breaking several ribs. Ever since that moment, they have literally been either hours or a month behind us. While they were a couple of weeks behind us during the Pacific crossing, they went to Nuku Hiva first. Therefore, by the time we had visited Fatu Hiva, Tahuata, and Hiva Oa, they had only just arrived in Nuku Hiva. It was absolutely wonderful to see them again. Before we dropped the anchor, we circled their boat, and everyone was on deck waving to each other. Later that afternoon, they joined us for drinks, along with s/v Calico Jack. After a year of not seeing each other, all of the kids immediately hit it off again.

During our visit, Yindee Plus, who has been cruising for quite a few years now, made the observation that our kids had grown into true cruising kids since they last saw them in Maine. One year ago, we were still newbies as a cruising family, so it felt really good to realize just how well our kids had adapted to the cruising way of life.

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