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georgetown dolphin

Posted by on March 16, 2013

January 2013

There was a small dolphin that frequented our anchorage at Stocking Island near Georgetown. One day, we saw other kids swimming, and the dolphin approached them. We immediately jumped into the dinghy and rode over to see the dolphin up close. Justine and Colin jumped in for an even closer look, as well. Sure enough, the dolphin seemed to be enjoying the attention. It would swim nearby, but stay just out of reach. At times, it was like it was saying, “Come on, catch up with me!” The dolphin would literally slow its speed to wait for Justine and Colin.

Colin captured some of this experience with the camera. For the most part, the dolphin is difficult to see, but then it comes close to Colin as it twirls past. It was truly amazing!

Watch Georgetown Dolphin.

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