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the abacos ~ lynyard cay

Posted by on December 7, 2012

November 29 – 30, 2012

Pleasant surprises were found at Lynyard Cay.

looking out from Lynyard Cay

We had barely risen from our bunks, and Colin’s level of excitement was to be matched by only that of Christmas. He was quite eager to return to the water, and very quickly reminded me that I had promised a morning swim before school. However, it was slightly overcast and chilly, and I was in no mood to get wet. So, Wil was the good dad who took his son snorkeling.

ahhhh! Bahamian waters

coral beaches









Wil and Colin returned with all kinds of stories about their sightings. A sea turtle feeding at a small coral reef nearby was the most exciting! There were also a variety of fish, such as yellow snapper, jack, grouper, and squirrel fish.

Over the course of the next two days, in between schooling, we all did a bunch of snorkeling. Each morning, Colin would go see the sea turtle before it would disappear for the day. Other sightings included a Moray eel, a sting ray, sea cucumbers, sea biscuits, hermit crabs, many empty conch shells, and several small barracuda.

our deck after snorkeling

such purity











By the end of two days of snorkeling in the semi-cool water and a strong northeast wind, our bodies were chilled and worn out. It was time for a break from swimming, and time to work our way a little further south.

We studied the charts and made our departure plans for the next morning. Royal Island, near Eleuthera would be our next destination.

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