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getting aquainted in Camden

Posted by on September 9, 2012

August 30, 2012

some Maine charm on the way to Camden

how sturdy is this house?

bald eagle on the hill top

Sailing to Camden was absolutely exhilarating! The wind was blowing about 15 knots out of the southwest, and we were headed northwest. For the first time since Jewel Island, we were able to hoist the sails and turn off the engines. We even started with a reefed main, but shook the reef when we wanted to catch up with our buddy boat. We couldn’t have a full-keeled monohull win the race! Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough distance to pass the other boat before reaching Camden. After giving them a head start, we were catching up, but then it was time to drop the sails and enter the harbor.

We had two reasons for sailing to Camden. This was the weekend for their annual Windjammer Festival, and several of the boats from the Magellan Net were going for the festivities. This would be a chance to experience some local culture, as well as get to know more of the voices that we hear and speak to on the radio.

After securing anchor in the very crowded and rolly Camden Harbor, we headed straight for the local library to find and meet the catamaran family with 3 girls. Once we had all three kid boats together, we hit up a corner food market, before returning to our boats.

All three kid boats were anchored within a stone’s throw of each other, so the kids could easily yell back and forth. At one point, several of the kids got out their musical instruments, and played music to each other across the water. Colin hooked his acoustic guitar to the amplifier in order to make sure everyone could hear him!

Our first evening was spent visiting with the other kid boats. The adults hunkered down inside, while the kids played outside in the cool of the night.

keeping an eye for the other kids


















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