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gender change

Posted by on August 11, 2012

female side of the new coupler

male side of the new coupler

This is our new drive shaft coupler for the starboard prop shaft. It was ordered, and we waited for it to arrive. Once it arrived, Wil compared the old one with the new one. The new one has a male and a female side. Our old one is female on both sides.

The new coupler was immediately sent to a machinist to convert the male side to female. We were supposed to have received the revised part by now, but it could possibly be Monday (or later).

Concerning other repair issues, we are still waiting on the rudder reference unit for the autopilot. When it arrived, it was the wrong one. Now we’re waiting for the correct part. We continue to be at the mercy of others.

On the brighter side, the generator is running again. After much frustration, the water temperature sensor was the only culprit. We won’t talk about the other parts that were ordered and installed, only to find out, there was only a simple wire reconnection that needed to be made to the remote switch (Wil had questioned this earlier in the game). Fortunately, Wil installed the parts himself and took the time to reconnect the wires, so that portion wasn’t on the paid professional’s time.

With the hit we’re taking on our budget, at least Wil has gotten some electrical schooling under his belt. Due to his diligence with the electrician, he has learned many troubleshooting techniques, as well as improved his electrical diagram reading capabilities.

We were also able to borrow a boat yard truck to drive to the grocery store. It’s amazing how quickly you can get around town when you don’t have to walk!

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