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eight days a week

Posted by on May 21, 2012

Today, I’m walking around with the Beatles song, “Eight Days a Week”, on my mind. Sure, it feels like we’ve been working 8 days a week lately, but this morning Wil informed me that he only has 8 more days of work. Four days this week, and four days next week. Wow! That number really makes the finality of the move seem that much closer. The feelings are a mixture of extreme excitement and pure panic.

Eight more days of work for Wil. Eight more days of living in a trailer. Eight more days to get rid of the rest of our furniture. Eight more days of meal planning with very few cooking supplies left. Eight more days to clean out the garden. Eight more days to say our good-byes to friends in this area. Just eight more days!

While there are just 8 more days in our lives as landlubbers, there are still many days of work on the boat. Although, we have been able to knock a few items off the priority list. Wil managed to get the steaming and foredeck lights working, as well as take off the old radar dome and remove the old wire. He also finished the goose neck installation at the base of the mast. The majority of my time has been spent finding storage locations for our last load of items. Surprisingly, I found quite a few empty compartments that haven’t been touched yet! After a thorough cleaning, they were ready for their stowage of provisions. Now we’re ready for the next and final load. We think.

wiring in the new deck light

the gooseneck will help keep the cabin dry









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