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in memory of

Posted by on May 9, 2012

The following is a poem that was written by a dear sailor friend of ours who recently passed away. I decided to share this poem, not only in his memory, but also for all of the sailors out there who can relate to the experiences of cruising the world.

I remember time at sea
by Bill Lowe

I remember body surfing with seals in Anchor Bay
I remember sailing of the African coast bare poles and 7+ knots
I remember becalmed in the North North Pacific, no moon, bright stars, no horizon, drifting in a sphere of stars
I remember sewing sails for several days after a touch of hurricane
I remember anchored in a quiet bay in Polynesia, dark night and then the drums started.
I remember sailing at night off Panama, Dolphins ringed with phosphorescence.
I remember Humpback whales bubble netting in Alaska
I remember the eye of the Barracuda.
I remember the smell of a new port.
I remember anchored off a lee shore.
I remember swimming with Manta Rays.
I remember watching weather fax and deciding to sail.

I remember warship seven six. Heave to and prepare to be boarded.
I remember seeing a green flash.
I remember the stars and feeling home, safe and secure.
I remember 10 degree celebrations.
I remember whiskey and glacier ice.
I remember heaving to, for a quite dinner.
I remember the gooseneck breaking 2000 miles from anywhere.

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