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dazed & confused

Posted by on March 27, 2012

resident donkeys help break up the stress

Some days I can’t figure out which direction to go first. This morning I am walking in circles. Looking at the pile of items that still need to be listed For Sale. Looking at the piles that need sorting. Looking at my calendar and the time we have left. Looking at my chores for today. Looking at our to-do list for the boat. Where do I start? Looks like I’m writing this blog post first!

Yesterday, I took another load to charity, took old electronics for recycling, ordered our documentation plaque, and ordered parts for the dinghy motor. Today we plan to order our new trampolines, and hopefully the series drogue as well.

Our trampolines will be coming from Multihull Nets out of Florida. We have decided on the Offshore 3/8″ Polyester Open Net. Safety, longevity, and comfort are our deciding factors. And of course, price! The Offshore Net is an open net which allows for more water to rush through aiding in sailing performance on the big seas.

Our last decision before picking up the phone to place the trampoline order . . . do we go with white or pacific blue? Today I need to find out if the darker color will absorb too much heat, making it too hot to walk on in the tropics.

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