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whale video

Posted by on August 23, 2012

Here is some raw video footage of our whale encounter on Stellwagen Bank.

Humpback Whales ~ August 2012 (raw)

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2 Responses to whale video

  1. steve & leslie beuth

    Thanks for the wonderful vieo of the whales at Stellwagen. We saw so many of them when we were out there, but can’t imagine the thrill you had from your own vessel. It was great to hear the thrill in the kids’ voices. What paradise you have felt with your new winds off Monhegan & Jewell. We know a younger RI fisherman who hails from there. It’s great to see your exploits captured in that beautiful area. Will you be over by Isle of Haute…Linda Greenlaw’s area? Stay safe and enjoy the winds in your sails!

    • Jenny

      Hi Beuths! The whales are a most incredible experience! It’s a little scary from our own vessel because if there’s a mishap, it’s our home that’s in danger. But once we got used to seeing them, we weren’t as nervous. We wish we could have been able to take more time on Monhegan. Seemed like such a quaint island, and the people we met were so friendly. We may possibly see more of Isle au Haut in the next few days. I didn’t realize that was Linda Geenlaw’s area. We’ll have to keep an look out for her. As always, great hearing from you!

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