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preparing for departure

Posted by on July 14, 2012

We are in the final stages prior to hauling up the anchor and heading out the inlet. We are aiming for Cape Cod. Only time will tell where we end up. Since I don’t have any pre-posts written on this go around, the full story of the passage won’t appear until we have reached an internet connection again. Possibly in about 5 days from now, give or take. In the meantime, you can keep up with our GPS location via our SPOT.

Farewell Beaufort!

4 Responses to preparing for departure

  1. Heather, Derek and Grant

    Wow, you are off the northern end of NC, approaching the mouth of the Chesapeake! Hope you are having good weather for it!

    • Jenny

      Weather was good at that point . . . or actually no wind & motoring. It was the morning of 7/16 when things got a little bumpy with some confused seas. Wasn’t too bad, but Colin lost his breakfast. Overall it was a very tame trip. Nice offshore introduction for the kids. Where are you guys headed for the summer?

  2. Erica

    Safe travels! Be sure to keep in touch with us so we can meet up! We are in Gloucester now heading for Maine. Will come back south to Newport on August 22 then to block, Martha’s vineyard and Chesapeake in mid September. Looking forward to meeting you!

    • Jenny

      We were wondering if we were going to catch you before Maine. We’ll probably be in Pocasset, MA for a few weeks, and then we’ll be heading up to Maine, as well. We’ll keep our eyes out for you! Happy Sailing!

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