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GO ! ! !

Posted by on June 1, 2012

time to celebrate!




















We are on our way!

What a feeling! What a relief. The rush of emotions felt. Twelve years to reach this point. Eight years of driving every weekend, all in the name of getting a boat. Three years of weekend boat work, all in the name of building a cruising kitty. Today, Wil hung up his boots. Today, we are here. Today is day one of a new phase in our lives.

Today, a new rush begins. Many people want to know when the boat will go in the water. We would love to know that answer ourselves! As with many cruisers, we are hoping for sooner rather than later. While it would be nice to launch sometime in the next couple of weeks, it’s very possible a month could slip by. We cringe to think of launching being more than a month away. It’s a boat, and with a boat, one can easily double or triple the time you think projects will take. Our priority projects are set, and we will aim to stay focused. No one will know when, including ourselves, until a few days prior to the big splash.

So sit tight. Read about more boat work. Then, let the journey begin!

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4 Responses to GO ! ! !

  1. Heather, Derek and Grant

    AWESOME!!!! Congratulations on all being together and getting into “final readiness checks”! A sad event yesterday: Grant was moving his Calvert bookbox back to the boat from the clubhouse at the marina, and the dock cart slipped off the edge of the finger pier. We are drying out everything that can be dried out! Good thing so many Calvert materials are also available online…!!! I went and downloaded everything for the rest of the year that I could, as there’s fast free internet here at Emerald Bay, and that’s rare in the southern Bahamas. In case any of that helps you with disaster planning 🙂 Oh, enjoy this time! — The Parallax Crew

    • Jenny

      Thanks guys! This morning we have this sudden sense of freedom & relief.
      How awful for Grant’s books! Did you contact Calvert? If I remember correctly, if there’s damage from flooding or storms, they’ll replace books . . . possibly at no cost?? I wonder what an accidental spill into the water would qualify as? At least you were able to download everything, and that the end of the year is near. We will definitely keep that specific disaster planning in mind!
      Now, we look forward to getting back in the water.

  2. Jennifer Wenk

    I am so excited for you all! You are retired before me! I guess I will have to live my life vicariously through you guys! Go Team Lang!

    • Jenny

      Thank you! We are extremely excited to be here. The sense of releif is so completely overwhelming! Looking forward to you sailing with us soon!

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