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toys guaranteed

Posted by on April 13, 2012

toy bins designated for the boat

Over the next few weeks, the kids have a great challenge ahead of them. They must make their final decisions on which remaining toys will go into the bin for the boat, and which toys will need to find a new home.

When we first began our “thinning out” process, I wondered how we would be able to decide what toys would go on the boat. Now the responsibility has been placed completely on the kids. I have given each of them a large, plastic Sterilite container. Whatever toys or items can fit in those bins are guaranteed a spot on the boat. They also each get one small duffle bag for stuffed animals. After we have moved everything else onboard, then extra toys can only go if there’s room.

Of course every rule is made to be broken! There are already a few extra items that the kids can’t part with, nor do we want them to give up. Justine has a keyboard and Colin has 2 guitars. Since music is invaluable, the kids will be sleeping with their instruments in their bunks until we can find places for everything.

Life is going to get interesting!

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2 Responses to toys guaranteed

  1. Heather

    Jenny, we did exactly the same thing with Grant, down to the Sterilite bin. It takes more courage, though, to find new homes for toys rather than adding them to storage, so our hat’s off to you!

    • Jenny

      Hi Heather! The Sterilite container must be the way to go! The kids are being really good sports about it. They do have a couple of memory boxes that will be stored in grandparents’ attics. Everything else is either being sold or donated. Colin’s always excited about getting the money! Justine tends to want to hold onto things.

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