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odd jobs

Posted by on August 13, 2012

a new seat for dolphin watching

forward port lazarette hatch in its final stages

While we’ve been sitting at a marina waiting on parts, regular boat projects have continued. With the shore power amenity, it has been convenient to bring out a few power tools. A few final installations also help get some extra weight off the boat.

While we were still on the hard at Jarrett Bay, Wil’s dad had made a set of new bow seats for us. The old ones were falling apart and we really needed to replace them. When we received the new ones, they were too pretty to install. We were afraid they would become too weathered by the time we’d get to use them, so we stowed them away. As of this week, the new teak bow seats are finally where they belong, and they are beautiful. We can’t wait to use them!

We can also thank Wil’s dad for squaring up our teak propane locker door. It was also falling apart and needed some TLC. The fresh door is now re-hung.

Wil spent one whole day compounding and polishing the cockpit area and transoms. Waxing of these areas still needs to be done, but the shine is already there.

We’ve been carrying replacement glass for the last two hatches that had not been completed yet. Prior to leaving Jarrett Bay, Wil cut the glass to spec with intent of installing it at a later date. That later date arrived and the “forever project” is complete. That was worth some celebration.

I have spent a great deal of time at the computer and ham radio. I needed a USB to 9-pin serial port adaptor (with driver) in order to connect the laptop to the Pactor (an SCS PTC-II pro). This system allows me to send email via the ham radio, an Icom IC-M710. Using the Pactor, I can also receive weather reports which I can overlay on top of electronic charts for navigational planning. I can also receive weather reports in text form. Firmware needed updating, as well as a once a month frequency update. I owe a big thank you to a good friend for putting me in the right direction!

Other jobs that have been completed: the transom shower has a new cover for the shower head, the manual bilge pumps for the engine rooms have new deck seals and covers, and the battery charger has been re-programmed to accommodate the lack of voltage drop with the new cables.

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