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fire rescue boat

Posted by on August 5, 2012

fire boat of the Plymouth Fire Department

Sirens screamed and fire trucks zoomed into the parking lot of Brewer Plymouth Marine. Firemen walked briskly down the dock to their new, state of the art fire boat. They were responding to a boat with an overheating engine that might catch fire. Fortunately, a fire never ignited, and they were able to return to the dock without having to douse any flames.

This was an inaugural call for this Plymouth Fire Boat, and we happened to be there to witness it. After the fire boat returned to its resting place at the dock, we had the pleasure of a personal tour on this most impressive vessel. (click on the Plymouth Fire Boat link for more photos)

Under the hood of the boat sits a Chevrolet 350 engine that powers the 1000 gallons per minute water pump. The pump and hose can be operated remotely from inside the cabin. The water spray is so powerful, that the boat’s captain must counteract all movements at the helm. Using Flir thermal imaging, the firefighters can locate the source of the fire within the smoke plume, as well as see any persons who may need rescue. With three 300-hp Yamaha engines on the stern, this fire boat can reach speeds as high as 64 miles per hour (55.6 knots per hour). Better not get in their way!

We are very thankful to the Plymouth Fire Department for taking time out to show us their special fire boat.

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