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busy bees

Posted by on June 7, 2012

soon to be an expert polisher

just a little bit of polishing for the day

getting her bike ready to sell

stern polished and ready for the life raft




ready for mounting the AIS display

flush mounted AIS

AIS mounted with books hiding the other hole























We were a boat full of busy bees today. After a quick breakfast, we immediately hopped to the jobs at hand.

Wil washed down the stern and removed the life raft rack, so he could polish the area behind the rack. Of course, once he started the process, the polished areas grew.

After a little grumbling, Colin finally found his groove with polishing some rusty stainless. And, since polishing became the popular chore, Justine joined in by spiffing up her bike for the yard sale.

I stowed more provisions and thinned out some unneeded clothes. I also removed the old Navman chart plotter from the navigation table, as well as a nonfunctioning Panasonic CD changer. I also decided to move ahead with mounting the AIS. However, since the pre-existing hole was of a different size, the mounting became a little more complicated, and I needed Wil’s woodworking expertise in the matter.

The constant buzz of activity continued until we sat down for dinner just after 8 o’clock. We were all worn out, but satisfied with the day’s progress.

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