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no stress

Posted by on May 20, 2012


the jib is on & her bottom is faired

One morning this week, as I was going about my usual routine of making my breakfast, I turned to put my coffee into the microwave. It wasn’t there! Even though I knew that I’d sold it 2 days earlier, old habits die hard.

As we are reaching the height of our transition to the boat, we are starting to feel like walking zombies. We are desperately trying to vacate the rental on June 1st, and while moving aboard the boat, we are also selling the majority of our belongings. There are also those last minute orders that need to be made. And I can’t forget to mention getting the kids through their final tests.

This week, I sold the microwave, a blender, two sets of bookshelves, and an ironing board through craigslist. A banjo and school books are listed on ebay. We still need to sell a desk, an entertainment center, and a futon, and deliver mattresses and bedding to charity. Wil ordered a vacuum pump and gauges for the refrigeration system, oil for the vacuum pump, and a new cover for our transom shower. I ordered some dehydated food, a bag of wheat berries, our navigational electronics, and the Kannad SafeLink. We still need to purchase some new halyards and a watermaker feed pump and membranes.

We have quite an extensive priority list to achieve before we splash, so for the time being, we don’t have much downtime. We’d like to get all work done that requires going up the mast. This includes installation of a cat-5 cable for wifi, the VHF antenna and wire, the new radar, and the steaming and foredeck lights, as well as re-wiring the tricolor. We need to, at least, get everything mounted on the mast, but functionality can wait until we are in the water. Other installation jobs are the Raymarine display, the Vesper AIS, a swan neck for wires exiting the mast, the new trampolines, a new knotmeter, the rest of the Racor filters, and new lithium batteries. One leaky port needs to be re-bedded, as well as two small, leaky hatches. And of course, right before she is returned to the water, we need to do a quick polishing of the hull, and sand and paint her bottom.

Whew! I think I just made myself more exhausted! So, who wants to take bets on our splash date?

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