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beautiful things

Posted by on February 27, 2012

a beautiful bilge pump














While we have cruising friends who are snapping gorgeous photos of mouthwatering food and swan dives from their boat, I thought I’d try my hand at photography with a project on my fun list!

This past weekend, I crawled into the port engine room to assess the bilge pump situation. Our thoughts were correct, it doesn’t work. And neither does the one in the starboard engine room. The engine rooms are two spots where we definitely don’t want any water on the inside. We have 2 new bilge pumps on hand, but they are only 750 gph pumps. The pump pictured is 1100 gph. However, we would prefer an even higher flow rate. Depending on what existing wires & hoses are present, we would like to put SHURflo 1500 gph bilge pumps in the engines rooms. They’ll be placed at the lowest point with an automatic float switch right next to each one. That way, we hopefully will never have more than 1/2-inch of water near the engines.

Since our time is so quickly counting down, our projects have become “divide & conquer”. The wiring & connecting of the new pumps have been placed in my department. It is a good thing that only one of us will do the job, because Wil & I have memories of a wedding anniversary spent together trying to wire a bilge pump on our first boat. (Won’t go into details there!) My fingers are crossed that it will be an easier project this time around . . . knock wood!

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