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36 Responses to Comments

  1. David Greenlee

    WE are all so excited for you all and will be following you as you set sail!!! Love the new site !

    • Jenny

      Thank you! We are extremely excited too! We’ll do our best to keep on reporting as we go.

  2. John Witcher

    We are so very excited for y’all. While we will miss you dearly and think of you often we wish you well with your new way of life. While you are on your way to living your dreams remember that we are still here in the day to day grind wishing we could be wherever you are. Be safe and please keep in touch with us when you can. Friends for life, like y’all, are really hard to find.

    • Jenny

      We are going to miss you guys terribly too! You’re right, friends for life are hard to find, and we will be thinking of you often as well. We will definitely keep in touch, and hope that you’ll be able to meet us some place along the line. We’ll just have to come up with a new tradition!

  3. Laura Smith

    Jenny you go girl! I am so happy for you and your family 🙂 I love the boat and the name rocks! I am sending many positive vibes and prayers your way. Keep on doing your thing sister!!!

    “Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose.”
    ~Wayne Dyer

    • Jenny

      Thanks, Laura! It’s great to hear from you! I love the Wayne Dyer quote, too. That’s exactly what we’re doing! Hope all is well at your end.

  4. Laura

    I love the whale pictures soooo amazing!! You are on your way and Full Monty looks awesome!

    • Jenny

      Thanks Laura! Those whales were absolutely amazing. We will never forget an experience like that one. I have video that I’m still processing, so hopefully, I can get the video online within the next week or so.
      Justine has read your comment & should be replying sometime soon. We were without internet for a bit there, so now we’re playing catch-up. Hope all is good with you!

  5. Lisa

    Hello up north! We were just checking out the whale pics. WOW, what an incredible experience (one of many I look forward to hearing about).

    • Jenny

      Hi Lisa! Yes, the weather is definitely telling us that we’re up north. It’s absolutely gorgeous & we’re having fun, but now we’re starting to dream about Christmas in the Bahamas! We would love to work something out with Emma’s class. We’ll think on details & let you know. While we work on it, anyone from her class is more than welcome to send questions, and Justine would be happy to respond. Miss you guys bunches!

  6. jo cohen

    oh my gosh…you guys are already having the most fabulous adventures! i love keeping up with you & thanks for sharing all the awesome photos! clyde is missing colin (& justine!) like crazy. hope to see you as your journey moves south!

    • Jenny

      Hi Jo! We most definitely are having some incredible experiences. I never knew how great things would be so soon. Of course, we still have our daily chores, but it’s quite nice to have fun & relaxation to go along with. Colin & Justine miss Clyde too. Internet has been scarce lately, but we should be back on a more constant connection within the next few days. Position reports will keep coming in as we move, so you’ll be able to tell when we’re back in your neck of the woods. Hoping we can stop in Wrightsville around early November. Maybe we can see you guys then!

  7. Shannon Hathaway

    Will and family – I am so happy to hear you are following your dream! I will follow so I may live vicariously!

    • Jenny

      Hi Shannon! Great to hear from you. Hope everything is going well. I haven’t thought about landscaping in the past 102 days! Having fun here. Wil & family

  8. Heather

    I miss being able to post comments on your main posts, Jenny! Your pictures are great, and your adventures are going to make the transition to land easier for us to take, knowing you are Out There cruising! Yes, we will stay on Calvert classes one more year, then transition to a … dare I say it .. high school! Enjoy this time, it is sacred and wondrous. Love from the subtropical end of the Gulf Coast 🙂

    • Jenny

      Hi Heather! Since we haven’t had internet, I think the comment box got overloaded with a bunch of spam comments. I need to figure out how to control spam, it keeps overloading the site. Hopefully, now you can leave comments on the main posts.
      We were living through you when you were cruising, and now we can return the favor! Too bad we can’t cruise together though. Can’t believe how the time flies! Jenny

  9. Velinda

    Hi! I think Mr. and Mrs. Witcher told you that our 7th grade students would be tracking your progress on this great adventure. We are so busy at school, it is hard to keep up, but we are trying. Some of my students have comments for your children, so I will be posting them throughout the coming weeks. We love your pictures, and we wish you the best of luck!
    Take care.

    • Jenny

      Hi Velinda,
      Yes, we heard about your students following our adventures! We’re slow at this end too. We don’t always have an internet connection, so sometimes getting back to you might not be immediate. But we will definitely respond! Justine & Colin both have prepared new posts ready for publishing, so hopefully they will be online more in the upcoming weeks. I also have some ideas for posts or for a “school page” that might help students become more involved with what we’re doing. (i.e. teaching about water & energy conservation and learning how to be your own meteorologist) Great hearing from you, and we will look forward to hearing from your students. Jenny & crew

  10. Velinda

    Hey Jenny,
    Wow! Y’all have been busy! We loved your pictures of New York….very educational.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    • Jenny

      Hi Velinda, We’re very happy to hear you enjoyed the NY photos! Spending time in that area was definitely an educational experience for the kids. Especially the visit to Ellis Island and getting to see where the immigrants arrived. So much wonderful history! We’ll try to keep the learning coming! Jenny & crew

  11. Wayne Rocheleau

    We talked with you on the radio the night we left Beaufort and again as you left Marsh Harbor. Best wishes from Wayne on Cay Paraiso.

    • Jenny

      It was nice to “meet” you, Wayne! Your weather info that night was greatly appreciated. Thanks for the well wishes. Hope to meet you in person one day! Jenny & crew

  12. Amy Sauls

    Jenny! This is so cool to see that you are sailing! I saw a short article in the alum news that you and your family were sailing, which is super-cool. I would love to catch up more with you, but I will keep this short, I know you have intermittent wi-fi access.

    I spent part of my spring break on a sailboat actually, with bro-in-law that lives on a sailboat (full time). Ms. Sullivan’s son (remember, biology?). We were at Cape Romain SC – we like to go look for seashells. I have not been offshore, though.

    I live in Emerald Isle NC now, but we still have the family beach house at Topsail. Is your place on the south end – Topsail Beach proper?

    I hope you can email me sometime. I would love to ask you more about your sailing, because Kenny wants us to get a boat in the near future (retirement for him). Good luck on the travels and fair sailing!!!

    • Jenny

      Hi Amy! What a wonderful surprise to get a message from you! And I would love to answer your sailing questions. We are getting ready to pull out into the Pacific, headed for French Polynesia, but I will try to send you an email through the radio system. If for whatever reason, it doesn’t go through, I will reply again once we’re on the other side . . . about 21 days from now . . . give or take! Looking forward to being in touch! Jenny

  13. Marie Chilote

    I’m so happy to hear from you again. I check on your progress 2 or 3 times a day. Are you still traveling in a group? I worry about you being alone. I just watched the movie “Life of Pi” Pi is on a life boat with a tiger.
    At first I was just getting the time an date of your check-ins but then I found if I double clicked the little marker, a comment came up and I didn’t worry quite so much.
    You are always in my prayers!! Marie (Meredith Alum)

    • Jenny

      Hi Marie!
      You are so thoughtful to be concerned about us. I was hoping the SPOT positions would continue to post. However, it turns out SPOT doesn’t cover us completely out in the Pacific. At least, we still have the winlink position reports & could continue to use those.
      During the crossing we had twice daily radio contact with boats in our vicinity. The closest boats were usually about 100 miles away, but sometimes we’d be within 12 miles of each other. We’ve not ever been totally alone, and many people always know where we are. We had some trials & tribulations, but overall it was an excellent passage. Right now I’m trying to sort through photos & figure out how to fine-tune my notes for a blog post, but will get more up shortly . . . and before we lose internet again!
      I just got the book “Life of Pi”, and I’m looking forward to reading it . . . and then finding the movie! Thank you for your thoughts & prayers! Jenny

  14. Mark Brody

    Random note from a total stranger. I am a mosaic artist who lives in Portland OR. I am commissioned to do a piece for a client in Provincetown, MA. When I went to look for aerial photos of the Cape, I came across your website. Funny how the internet connects us. Great pics. Awesome adventure! If you make it to the NW, pls let me know.
    Anyhow, I haven’t totally worked out my design, but I will share with you the finished piece if you are interested. I want to stack the shingle house with the same roofs on top of each other in a cubist sort of way, all made of fused glass. but they might go for something completely different. Who knows.
    Pleasant winds to you!
    Mark Brody

    • Jenny

      Hi Mark! It is amazing at how the internet connects people from around the world! Loved hearing about your design that you’re working on. Would absolutely love to see the finished piece. Our internet access has been quite limited lately, but we are setting up to do a long hop to Hawaii. Once we’re there, and with consistent internet, I look forward to seeing your other works as well. We have thoroughly enjoyed all of our travels & with such awesome experiences. We are now headed to Hawaii in search of jobs, so we may continue with our grand adventures. All the best! Jenny & crew

  15. Good Anchorage

    We have linked your blog to Algies Bay & Kawau Island on Good Anchorage to provide fellow mariners information & local reviews.

    Would love to see more of your anchorages & reviews added

    Good Anchorage Team

    • Jenny

      Very informative site! Thanks for letting us know about linking to our blog. Jenny

  16. Ken & Deb Verla

    Scanning the high seas and low tides and finally caught site of you once more. Cool runnings as they say, …and enjoyed the descriptive essay there by your daughter. Aloha.

    • Jenny

      Aloha! So happy you found us & great to hear from you! Justine is very happy to read your compliment on her essay. The kids & I will be visiting my parents next month. Are you still around? If so, maybe we’ll bump into you! Cheers! Jenny & crew

  17. Duane Blanton

    Jenny and Crew,
    Boy did I lose track of you several years ago! I had no idea of your plans when I followed you briefly back when you first purchased s/v Full Monty and started working on her in Beaufort. I saw a FB post you made about checking out the waves in Hawaii and thought, “Are they living in Hawaii now?”. I followed the link to your new blog and have been unable to stop reading all the archives detailing your adventures! As I commented several years ago, you are an amazing writer! I can’t wait to continue reading about your adventures (and am a little sad that I actually caught up). Good luck and stay safe!

    • Jenny

      Wow Duane! When you said you’ve been catching up on the blog, I had no idea it was from so far back! No wonder you haven’t gotten any sleep! I will have to do my best to get writing again (and there’s a lot more to go!), and thank you so much for the complement. Hope we get to see you (& meet your family)when we’re back on the east coast in 2017! Jenny & crew 🙂

  18. Amy Sauls

    For Justine:

    drone surveys: you will know this area, it is near where you took sailboat lessons at the NC Maritime Museum (which by the way, they are in the process of buildilng a large bridge over your old sailing spot there!)

    And if you want to see about researching sharks – east coast, the place to be is Mote Marine lab in Sarasota FL
    There is an old coot/professor at UNC Chapel Hill’s Institute of Marine Science that has studied sharks for years – Dr. Schwartz, but everyone says he is crazy (and nearing retirement age) but he has a book out.

    If you want me to make more suggestions of shark stuff let me know!

  19. Cheryl and Robin S/V Tara

    Hi J&W- I was just reading our log books from 1998 when we met you at Little Harbour Key, Bahamas. We were on our boat Tara and you were on Udder Delight – according to my book you had just burned a hole in your deck that day! We had great conversations about being young cruisers and spent several happy hours together. Thought I would try and find you on line and it’s great to see this website – looks like you went on to continue some amazing adventures! Robin and I are now in Victoria BC with our 13 year old son – doing a bit of cruising in the Gulf Islands on our Newport 28.

    All the best, Cheryl and Robin

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