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kimball island

Posted by on September 2, 2012

We departed Long Cove, not knowing which island would provide us with our dinnertime views. Kimball Island ended up being that island. We found our first secluded anchorage on the northwest side of the island. Peaceful and gorgeous.

a sea of lobster pots

these rocks weren't there when we entered the harbor!


nature's amazing beauty

more amazing beauty

lobster pots can be found almost anywhere


unique beauty









anchored at Kimball Island

enjoying the solitude

We only stayed one night, but we would have loved to explore the area more. However, the next day we had plans to set out early on an all day voyage to Mount Desert Island in the Acadia National Park. The kids would be doing school while underway.

6 Responses to kimball island

  1. steve outland

    super pictures of “Full Monty” it is good to see your boat in the pictures even it is just a edge or piece to recongnize. it is like when you all are in the pictures so much more meaning. a friend of mine says ” pictures of water just look better with boats in them almost to the point people with boat should be paid for making pictures better” I agree where do we send the check!

    • Jenny

      Pictures do look better with the boat in them! I think it’s fun to see where the people traveling are located. I’m always on a hunt to have the FM in the pic. We’ve thought about a PayPal button for our efforts! How do you think that would go over? :-). As always, great to hear from you. Jenny

  2. James Outland

    Greetings Will, Jenny and the Kids, Wow! I never knew it was so beautiful up there. Really! Like I have always heard about the coast line and how pretty the trees are up there but your pics are amazing. Of course I hang on ever written word in the blog as its so cool to experience the daily life. I was in awe of all the lobster pots. I read it previously in the blog but to actually see “the sea of pots” I would be scared to move. LOL I bet that water was cold….burrrr. I am glad school got off to a good start. I would have the hardest time trying to study I think. I would want to watch the water all day. Were there really a lot of barecals on the prop? it seems like they would never have a chance to get started on a traveling boat. I was surprised. Always wishing you a safe journey and lots of fun, James

    • Jenny

      Hi James! Maine is absolutely gorgeous. At times I’ve called it the Caribbean of the North. The sailing grounds are awesome, if you can disregard the lobster pots and the cold water. I thought crab pots in coastal NC were bad. Never in my life did I imagine so many lobster pots! Not to mention moving between them with a 26 ft beam! Most people get to a point that they ignore them, and when they snag on the rudder, they cut them free. However, we did so much motor sailing, that we didn’t want to risk getting hung in the prop again.
      The kids have done very well with school so far. I’m amazeed that they are able to focus with all the beauty, and sometimes the distraction of being underway, but they’re doing it.
      As for barnacles on the prop, there weren’t a lot, but we’re trying to keep them under control. We did sit at the marina in Plymouth for 2 weeks!
      Hope all is well back in NC. Jenny & crew

  3. Phyllis Smith

    Love seeing what you are dooing and seeing–so beautiful
    I am going to Tonya’s tomorrow to keep the boys while she goes to Scottsdale to see Laura. Your mom and two of her friends will stay at Tonya’s while they work at the Dem convention. I know I will get an earfull!!!

    • Jenny

      So great to hear from you, Phyllis! We are having the most amzaing adventures and experiences. Hard to believe this is only the beginning.
      That’s so nice that my mom can stay at Tonya’s. You will most definitely get an earfull! As wonderful as our adventures are, we still miss our family & friends back home. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed hearing from Laura, and our whale video has a comment from Massie. So cute!

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