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our location

Posted by on July 4, 2012

You will now be able to see our location as we move from place to place. I have also added the link to our sidebar.

our current location

As we pull away from the dock tomorrow morning, it could possibly be a few days before we get an internet connection again. (Our wifi antenna isn’t completely installed yet) However, by using the SPOT Connect, I will send our GPS coordinates to the SPOT website which you can access through this site. At the same time, I will also be able to send brief messages to Twitter via the SPOT.

Today, we succeeded in all of our last minute errands in town. The dive shop. West Marine. Wal-Mart, where we emptied the shelves of Scott RV & Marine toilet paper. A local seafood shop where we had our propane tank filled. The post office. And the pharmacy. Then, we spent the remainder of the evening rearranging and stowing items that were on deck, as well as filling the water tanks. Before departing Jarrett Bay in the morning, we will top off the fuel tanks and get gas for the dinghy.

This still doesn’t feel real!

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2 Responses to our location

  1. Leslie

    Hooray for the Full Monty and crew! We wish you God’s blessings in your travels, of course. We pray that your mighty vessel will bring you many safe & fun adventures. Wish we could’ve seen you personally before your voyage began. Can’t wait to keep checking the blog and map as to what your journies will bring you all. We sure are so happy that you are now fulfilling your long-anticipated goals. You all have worked so hard for this. Hugs from the Beuths….stateside, land-huggers right now. “Smooth sailin”
    *Glad to hear from your mom last week that your dad is improving, Jenny. When I called them from Lindsay’s in Fla. he was at 14 minutes of walking about. Hooray!!!

    • Jenny

      Thanks, Leslie & crew! We are very happy to be floating and somewhat on our way. Still lots of kinks to work out, but we’re finally cruising!

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