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window replacement . . . end in sight

Posted by on April 11, 2012

starboard side bent window area

water damage from previous leaking










window work station

not quite flush yet











finishing with the hatch dance!


The starboard side curved window is finally complete. In addition to finishing the curved window installation, we also completed the starboard forward lazarette hatch.

The port forward lazarette hatch and one aft hatch are the only two replacements left to do. The glass for those hatches is already cut. We only need to remove the old glass and put in the new. The end is in sight!






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2 Responses to window replacement . . . end in sight

  1. Heather

    Hey you guys, if you are using it, where do you get your butyl rope sealant for the windows/fixed ports? We unfortunately need to remount some of ours as well.

    • Jenny

      We did use the butyl rope sealant in the beginning. (Here’s a site Wil used that has info on the butyl tape Then we switched to a high bond acrylic foam tape by C.R. Laurence, and use it in combination with a P-120 Primer (non-porous substrate primer) by Pecora Corporation. You should be able to find it at most glass installation companies. We definitely have the glass replacement down pat, so we’re here if you need more advice!
      Lovin’ your posts & great to finally see the photos!

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