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The Boat

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Vessel Make/Model: 1993 Privilege 482-S Catamaran by Jeantot

Boat Layout

Starting in 1985, the first Privilege catamaran models were designed by Jeantot Marine, a French company founded by René Bernard and Philippe Jeantot. In 1996, Jeantot Marine was sold to La Groupe SGGR and became Alliaura Marine. Now working with different designers, including Marc Lombard, Alliaura continues to develop the Privilege catamaran line. According to many, Privilege catamarans have very few peers in terms of quality, comfort and performance.
Introduced in 1992 and designed by Guy Ribadeau Dumas, the Privilege 482 was primarily aimed at the charter market. The spacious accommodations are designed with leisure in mind. There are four staterooms (each with their own head), a salon with two seating areas, a large cockpit with tables for outside dining, and sunbathing decks. Forward of the salon is a crew’s quarters with its own head.

3 Responses to The Boat

  1. Roger Sjoberg

    I have been looking at the privilege 482 and 51 whats your thought of the boat now , also I been trying to find the bridge deck clearance,if you could answer this I would be grateful, really enjoyed your site thank you

    • Jenny

      After sailing our Privilege 482 for 3 years in a variety of sea conditions, we love our boat even more. We are very happy with it, and feel like we would choose this boat again. The biggest downfall of the 482 is the exposed helm without a helm seat. However, with a working autopilot, it’s not a problem. If we had more funds, we would have a seat fabricated that would work over top of the traveler lines. All of the boat’s positives outweighed the negative of the helm. As for the bridge deck clearance, we can’t imagine anything less. Slamming is minimal, but can be more during optimal conditions for slamming. I believe our clearance is 39 inches. If I’m wrong, I will get back to you on that. Good luck with your boat search & we’d love to know what you decide!

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