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Colin’s Page

Monday, March 19, 2012

Now in the boat yard I’m having a lot of fun with my friend, Josh. Let me tell you about him. He’s 21 and likes to skateboard, dirt bike, and surf. Everything a boy likes! He’s been teaching me how to ollie! Its really fun. He said all you have to do is have your left or right foot on the back of the board. Then you jump of your right or left foot and land! And another thing is you have to jump forwards not to much but you have to. Thats how you ollie!

If you don’t know what to do just go up to the store. You might be able to to talk to Lisa for one to two hours! Or you can ride your bike around the boat yard and make high ramps!

Speaking of riding bikes. One day in the boat yard (ummm hang on just a min I forgot my lines. Oh ya now I remember). I was riding my bike back from a very very long ride to the bathroom. My mom was driving in the truck along with me. I thought I could catch up with a fast, but risky techique. I was so close to catching up, but then POOF!! Dust went everywhere and I was down!! I was getting back up and every one was looking at me. I said I was fine, but really………I wasn’t . I was hobbling with my bike and I didn’t even know my face was bleeding! Here are some pics of my face.

face after bike accident

swollen eye

swollen & colorful






Speaking of falling again! One day when my friend and I were making a ZIPline from his boat. Cool right? Well after we were done everyone was to scared to go on it, so his dad was going to take it down. But then I said I’ll try! When I got on the other side of the safty rail I was scared, but they said GO!! And I went. It was awesome! After his dad went inside I tried it again, but that time I hit the ground. It was about 15 feet to the ground and I fell maybe half of it. Sliding on the ground almost hitting my head on blocks. What a fall!











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January 23, 2012:

Living in a boat yard can be hard with no friends. When I had friends at the yard it became really fun. Sometimes having different friends that don’t get along with each other can be hard at times. My South African friends have left the boat yard and I will miss them.

I need to make money, so I’m starting my own business of making jewelry. I have already made a lot of necklaces. If you want to buy any, just email. I make sea glass and shark tooth necklaces and I am selling them for $5, $10, and $15.

Click on images to see close-ups.

shark tooth & sea glass necklaces

gem necklace

gem necklace















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